The Farmhouse
Le Fonti a San Giorgio farm and wine estate in Italy, is managed by the Giovannelli family, owners and wine producers for three generations.
The 13 hectares of vineyards represent the main task for the owner, aimed at obtaining an excellent quality through the accurate selection of local species of vines (Sangiovese, Pugnitello, Colorino and more). In the vineyard as in the cellar, tradition and innovation blend to obtain typical wines of character and originality.

The hilly land of the estate is approximately 250 m above sea level and is particularly suitable for the cultivation of our 900 olive trees that produce an extra-virgin olive oil of excellent quality, obtained from hand-harvested olives in the traditional Tuscan method.

Crushing takes place as soon as the olives are harvested, which exalts the typical aroma and flavour of the oil of this area.Then the cold press follows soon, in order to maintain all the olives organoleptic properties. We organise regular visits with wine and olive oil tastings.

We guide wine lovers on a tour of the farm and a visit of the wine cellar where it will be possible to know more our wine production: Red and white Tuscan IGT wines, Chianti DOCG, Chianti Montespertoli DOCG and Chianti Montespertoli Riserva I Fossili DOCG wines..

 Chianti Farm holidays
 Chianti Farm holidays
Our Products

Colour. Red intense ruby and brilliant.
Tasting notes intense with floral bouquet, notes of violet with hints of berry fruits profuse red and black cherry.  Delicate fragrance of blackberry, ripe and sweet, similar to jam.

Taste and structure. Harmonious, good structure and persistent aftertaste.
Couplings. Ideal with salamis and red sauces, excellent with mid matured cheeses.

Colour. Red ruby nearly purple dark and firm.

Tasting notes Intense impact of mature fruit. Very fine thanks to its notes of cherry and plum, apple and strawberry jam.

Taste and structure. It reveals raspberry notes, red and black plums but also cherries under spirit and light black pepper notes. The structure reveals a fresh and velvety balance and smooth body. Warm but spiced.

Couplings. Stuffed pasta with red sauces, or even wild game, cheeses and some mid matured cheeses.

Colour. Fascinating colour: intense purple almost black, with thick and regular bows.

Tasting notes. Great impact from the sweet spices (vanilla and cinnamon) that evolve giving space to intense and ample notes of mature fruit and jam (sour black cherries) and notes of resin and white and pink pepper.

Taste and structure. Notes of spices and the juicy and prickly fruit flavour prevail. The acidity has evolved and the wine is intense, tasty, fair, balanced and smooth.The tannins are dense and complex: the grape tannins are tough and lively, well blended with soft wood tannins. The taste is pleasant and persistent

Couplings. Meat, game, fine seasoned cheeses in holes, leaves and vines.

Olio extravergine di oliva prodotto e imbottigliato sulle dolci colline della nostra azienda, nel cuore della Toscana, dove si trovano le nostre olivete.La qualità del suolo, la sistemazione collinare (ben areata e baciata dal sole) ne fanno una terra ideale per la coltivazione dell´olivo. Puntando soprattutto alla qualità del prodotto, le olive appena raccolte vengono portate al frantoio in giornata. La tempestiva frangitura a freddo delle olive e la raccolta ancora manuale ci permettono di ottenere un olio di pregio e di bassa acidità, ricco di componenti salubri. Il suo sapore fruttato lo rende ideale come condimento a crudo, in grado di esaltare il sapore dei cibi senza coprirlo.
 Caratteristiche tecniche
-Olio extravergine di oliva ottenuto dalla prima spremitura a freddo.
-Colore : verde oliva con riflessi dorati.
-Al naso e al palato : il profumo fragrante di fruttato piuttosto intenso e il suo gusto fresco e gradevolmente piccante lo rendono ideale come condimento a crudo.

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